Improve your photography

What's included

Do you feel you are not getting the best out of your camera. Are you stuck on auto and dont know how to progress to the semi-manual modes? If so - this is the course for you!
The session is kept to a limited number of only 3 people so that I can dedicate my time to each person to ensure each person gets the most out of the experience.

Level of experience and fitness level

You will get a lot out of this tour regardless of your experience level. I ensure the group is small so that I can dedicate personal time to each person to help improve your skills and capture some great images.
A reasonable level of fitness is required for this tour. There will be some walking on uneven terrain or with steps. 

Wet Weather Plan

If we have minor drizzle or patchy showers we will be out there making the most of it as these conditions often add to the mood of our scenes.
If we do have significant rain forecasted, you will be invited to book onto a different workshop date that suits your schedule. A judgement call will be made five days out from the workshop and a further assessment the day before.

Equipment to bring along

  • Please note: this is for Canon and Nikon users only.
  • Sturdy tripod
  • DSLR camera which has manual settings
  • Make sure your battery is charged and you have a memory card in your camera
  • Spare battery and memory card if you have one
  • A range of lens

And then?

After the session I offer ongoing support through assisting with processing your photos and general advice. We also have a dedicated facebook page where you can share your photos to the group and learn from others.

How do I register?

Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will send you out a registration form. If you have any further questions, please dont hesitate to ask me.