What's included

This is a photography tour you will not want to miss.
The tour is kept to a limited number so that I can dedicate my time to each person to ensure each person gets the most out of the experience.
We pick you up from the Geelong Railway Station at 7.30am Saturday morning and commence our journey.
Over the two days we will visit some of the icons on the Great Ocean Road as well as a few little known places. We will also visit waterfalls and the mighty Californian Redwoods.
We will also include a night photography session (weather permitting).
The tour will end Sunday evening back at Geelong Railway station.
Accommodation is included on the Saturday night.
Meals included are Saturday lunch and dinner, Sunday breakfast and lunch. Bottled water is always available but feel free to buy any other drinks or snacks you might need.

Level of experience and fitness level

You will get a lot out of this tour regardless of your experience level. I ensure the group is small so that I can dedicate personal time to each person to help improve your skills and capture some great images.
A reasonable level of fitness is required for this tour. There will be considerable walking, with a lot of it on uneven terrain or with steps. Although I have tried to ensure a lot of the places are an easy/moderate walk, there will be times and places where you will need to exert yourself.
Sturdy walking shoes are a must!

Wet Weather Plan

I always recommend bringing a sturdy walking boots and a waterproof jacket as waterfalls and the ocean are generally damp and wet locations.
If we have minor drizzle or patchy showers we will be out there making the most of it as these conditions often add to the mood of our scenes.
If we do have significant rain forecasted, you will be invited to book onto a different workshop date that suits your schedule. A judgement call will be made five days out from the workshop and a further assessment the day before.

Equipment to bring along

  • Sturdy tripod
  • DSLR camera which has manual settings
  • Make sure your battery is charged and you have a memory card in your camera
  • Spare battery and memory card if you have one
  • A range of lens (including your widest angle lens)
  • Remote shutter trigger (if you have one but not essential)
  • Any filters you have (neutral density, polariser)
  • Headlamp, torch
  • Waterproof boots
  • Coat, hat scarf, gloves, wool socks, thermals

And then?

After the tour I offer ongoing support through assisting with processing your photos and general advice. We also have a dedicated facebook page where you can share your photos to the group and learn from others.

How do I register?

Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will send you out a registration form. If you have any further questions, please dont hesitate to ask me.


Reviews from previous tours

“Do it you will have no regrets”

“It was amazing, Gill put a lot of time and effort into planning our trip, she is very patient and a great mentor”

“Gill was so generous with her time. Nothing was too much trouble for Gill”

“It was everything I had hoped for plus so much more”

"The tour was amazing. Gill put so much time into the organisation of her Great Ocean Road tour it is a real credit to her – I will be forever thankful that I was one of the participants. The notes are great, and will be a future reference point for me"

"Having a small number was great. We all got on really well which was wonderful. We were all given so much of your time, we were keen to learn and you were keen for us to learn!"

"Each place we stopped had a focus with photo technique. It is a beutiful area along the Great Ocean Road. We went to places I had not been to."

"The booklet were were given to guide us through the techniques for photos was great. My questions were answered no matter how basic they were"

"Professional. Well planned."

"I learnt that I can use manual mode-I had graduated from auto to program:Program to Aperture Priority -occasionally shutter priority but I had found manual mode over whelming. My attempts had not given me good results -hence little confidence to persevere. Despite lots of reading I could not make sense of it all. GIll explained it all so simply.It made sense at long last.She encouraged me/challenged me to use my manual setting and not go back to my comfort zone (although I wanted to at times). Now I am looking forward to practicing more and more with my manual settings. And I am looking forward to sharper,brighter photos :-) And better expressing my joy of photography through my photos. Now I can use my histogram,twinklers and graphic display to guide me in my shots. Gill has definitely me got thinking about my shots"

"If you want to take your photography to another level this is the perfect opportunity to learn and practise new techniques. Gill is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience.It shows in her encouraging,clear lessons. Each one of us had different brands of cameras but Gill was about to help all of us navigate through our menus and settings. The location of the photo shots are stunning.You will take beautiful photos. And you will have lots of fun"